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Here is where you'll find all of Burn Bright's one-off events and performances.

Burn Bright: Hear Me Roar

Monday 22nd March, 8pm (Past Event)

Burn Bright created and commissioned a unique live event to mark the anniversary of lockdown-living. Hear Me Roar was a new online experience that offered writers a chance to say the unsaid: it showcased premiere performances alongside an interview with inspirational writer Morgan Lloyd Malcolm (Emilia, The Globe & West End).
Using fury as a force for positive change, Hear Me Roar shouts in the face of social injustice and champions women facing adversity. Tying in with the looming lockdown anniversary, it was a chance to come together and reflect on the highs and lows of the previous year.


Featuring the following new plays:

The event was hosted by Burn Bright co-founder Tori Allen-Martin. Inspired by the company’s conception through injustice, this unmissable event exemplified the company’s commitment to platforming new voices and opening discussions.

With special thanks to: Josh Barker & Morgan Davies (Technicians), Kayleigh (Music) and Nate Nicely (Graphic Design).


"Hear Me Roar is about women’s voices, their visibility, their confidence, how they are viewed by men, and even by other women. Too often these viewpoints are sidelined or silenced, so events celebrating female concerns (whether serious or amusing) are sorely needed."

Lou Reviews

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