​We're incredibly thankful to everyone who's willing to support our campaign. If you'd like to add your voice and join our movement in creating opportunities and support for women playwrights, please contact us here or connect with us on our socials. 

​Tara is a producer and general manager with a focus on developing new writing and new writers, having produced the debut full-length plays by writers including Chris Urch, Phoebe Eclair-Powell and Mel Pennant.

Tara has supported us behind-the-scenes with this year's launch and manages our Time Bank scheme.

Victoria is an incredible activist, writer and all round force for good in the industry, annually reporting on theatres' programming of female writers (among other things). Her incredibly brave work speaking out has inspired us to do the same.

Check out her work at

Sharon is an Olivier award winning actress who holds an MBE for her services to drama. She kindly lent her phenomenal talent to both of our ‘Tree’ workshops and is an huge champion of new musical theatre.

Morgan is a brilliant playwright with a brilliant mind and is incredibly generous and supportive of emerging artists. She counts among her plays, Emilia, which has (in our opinion) inspired a generation of women to 'burn bright'.


In fact without taking inspiration from this play, Sarah and Tori may have given up for good.

Paul is an inspiring director, writer and well known performer, and as a fellow human who sees no need to be boxed in, he is currently Vice President of Live Action Programming at Nickelodeon in LA.


He directed our  'Tree' workshops and his style lifts everyone's talent - collaborating without ego  but with an insane amount of talent, passion and energy.

Caroline is a wonderfully level headed, supportive and smart literary agent, specialising in musical theatre talent. She's extremely experienced and has worked for over 20 years in music publishing at Warner/Chappell Music.


Passionate about new voices, In 2011, with Warner Brown, she helped create and now co-sponsors new musical theatre writing award The S&S Award. 

Susie is an incredibly talented director, actor, writer, and a fierce champion of young people and emerging talent. She was the Artistic Director of Hackney Empire and we worked with her there on our show ‘Streets’ as well as the workshop for Tree.


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